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Judges Should Always Come to Court Prepared and Know the Law

As a lawyer, I may spend on average 20-30 hours or more writing a legal brief outlining complicated controlling legal issues for the benefit of the Judge.  It is disappointing to show up for oral argument and find that it is obvious that the Judge has not read any of the parties' briefs, is unprepared and does not understand the legal issues.  By this time, my clients have spent thousands of dollars and are depending on the Judge to rule on their case in accordance with the law.

I will not have this issue as I have been a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and a civil attorney representing all sides in many different types of cases. 

You can trust me to be prepared and ready to handle the job on day 1, no matter what case I am assigned.  I will always come to court prepared and I will know the law because I understand just how important each case is to the party that stands before me.  

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