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Sandy announces her "Smart Justice Plan" to improve the Cochise County Court system.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                Chris Russell, Esq.

August 19, 2020                                                     

Press Release from Campaign of Sandy Russell for Superior Court Judge

Sandy Russell, candidate for Cochise County Superior Court, Division 5, announces her plan to reach available grant money to fund and develop smart justice programs for Cochise County Courts to include a Job Court, Veterans Court and Mental Health Court. 

Mrs. Russell says “the simple truth is that most people who receive a sentence of jail or prison time will eventually be released and, unfortunately, will not be able to find a job as a result of their criminal record. We need smarter justice. It costs Arizona taxpayers roughly $26,000 annually to keep an inmate imprisoned.   It costs only about $5,000 to place and maintain them in a job.  So let’s reduce crime and save tax dollars by helping defendants get jobs.”    

“Veterans Court will help our local Veterans, who are often struggling with PTSD and other psychological issues, get back on the right path and avoid criminal convictions” says Russell.  Her plan involves building a partnership with the Veterans Administration to coordinate benefits available to Veterans and encourage Veterans to use those services to get the help that they need.    

“Many of the mentally ill in our community who are convicted of crimes do well when they are on probation and are forced to receive treatment” says Russell.  “However, as soon as their case is resolved and treatment ends, they wind up re-offending.  It becomes a vicious cycle.”  Russell’s plan for Mental Health Court involves expanding the existing reach of Care Court to include non-violent felony offenses and to develop partnerships with community mental health providers to ensure treatment will continue after a defendant successfully completes probation regardless of ability to pay. 

Russell states that “I will secure the funding needed for these programs through available grant money.  As an experienced trial lawyer with nearly 20 years of litigation experience, I have the writing and advocacy skills necessary to secure grant money.”  Russell says that she “is committed to working with state, county and city leaders in developing smarter justice programs that will serve the best interests of the community.”

For more information go to Sandy Russell’s website at and click on Sandy’s Plan. 


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