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Please click this link to all videos available on Sandy's Youtube Channel:


I have created and edited all of my own videos.  No, I have no formal training in video making or editing.  But as I have always done in my life, I put in the hours to teach myself and learn.  As you compare my website to that of the other candidates, you will see that I have put in tremendous effort and time into educating the voters on what a Superior Court Judge does and why broad legal experience is important.  You can expect this same level of commitment from me as your next Superior Court Judge. 


Welcome Video. 




Compare my experience to that of my opponents (video is 1 minute 24 seconds). 




What Is the Right Experience for a position of Superior Court Judge And Why Does The Right Experience Matter? 




My 3 Part Smart Justice Plan that will save tax dollars by reducing recidivism.  

     1. Jobs Court


     2. Veteran's Court


     3. Mental Health Court




Sandy on what its like to campaign and to be personally attacked.  Sandy admits she is not a perfect person or a perfect lawyer.  Humility is an extremely important trait for a good Superior Court Judge to have.  





Sandy on being a lawyer for the people and the obstacles people face in accessing the Courts and legal representation. 




Sandy on why a Superior Court Judge should have experience handling divorces and child custody cases, and to have their own children i.e. life experience.  Neither of Sandy's opponents have any experience tryin family law cases. I apologize for the graininess of the video.  At the time of editing, I had not quite figured out the export settings.  




Sandy's client, Elaine Armstead, talks about how Sandy fought for the truth in her case to obtain justice for Elaine and her experience with a bad judge who obstructed their ability to get the truth to the jury.  This was a case that Sandy litigated for over four years before she could get in front of a jury, only to have the Judge make objections for the defense, cross examine her witnesses for the defense, and eventually move for a mistrial on behalf of the defense. In the end, Sandy did get justice for Elaine.    





What does a Superior Court Judge do?  Why is it important for a Superior Court Judge to have a broad range of legal experience? Why is it important for a Superior Court Judge to have both civil and criminal jury trial experience? Neither of Sandy's opponents have any civil jury trial experience. 



Sandy on why she is running. 



Sandy believes in equal application of the law and that politics has no place in the courtroom.  She believes that the evidence and the law should control outcomes.  As a result, Sandy has received significant bi-partisan support and these citizens stand with Sandy.  




Friends of Sandy Russell
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